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This Hunky Animal Rescuer Shared a Photo of His Dog Doppelgänger, Now Everyone Is Doing it

Chiseled jaw, piercing blue eyes, dark scruff; are we describing the man or the dog in this photo?

Turns out we are talking about both! On Feb. 8, ManxSPCA animal care officer, Liam Rice, shared a series of photos of himself and his husky Luna.

“I think my dog might actually be a human trapped in a dogs body,” Rice tweeted along with the shots.

The Internet whole-heartedly agreed with Rice, but they didn’t think the canine looked like just any random human, they thought the pooch was a dead ringer for their dad.

From the facial expressions to the similar features, it’s hard not see a little it of Rice in Luna and vice versa. Turns out this owner and dog doppelgänger phenomenon goes far beyond Rice and his uncannily canine companion.

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