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Hidden Danger: How Salting Your Driveway Could Hurt Your Dogs

When the driveway and sidewalks get icy, we pull out the ice melting salt and get to clearing things up.

While many owners might not even realize it, salts can be very dangerous to their beloved dogs. From hurting their paws to being accidentally ingested, there are a number of ways salt can hurt your dog that you need to be aware of.

Let’s learn about this hidden danger that may be in your home.

Why Salt Can Hurt Your Dog

Most ice melting salts used to break up ice and snow contain either sodium chloride or calcium chloride. Both of these ingredients can hurt your dog. If left on your dog’s paws, it can cause irritation that can even cause infections if left to fester for too long.

If your dog somehow ingests any of the salt, it can cause serious health problems. It doesn’t take ingesting much salt to cause extreme illness. Ingesting just one ounce of sodium chloride per two pounds of body weight could lead to your dog passing away from this simple mistake.

If your dog gets overly exposed to dangerous salt, you could be in for a world of problems.

How To Avoid Salt Injuries

The best way to keep your dog from facing any of these problems is to keep them away from salt, but you can’t always control where people use salt. Be smart about taking care of your dog while on walks and after walks in the winter.

Tip #1: Clean Their Paws

After you go on walks, make sure to clean off your dog’s paws using warm water and a soft washcloth. Even if you didn’t see any salt, it’s everywhere in the winter. It’s important to clean this salt off to prevent irritation. Additionally, your dog could lick salt off their paws. Avoid potential complications from this behavior by washing their paws.

Tip #2: No Drinking.

It’s always good to keep your pet from drinking out of puddles, but this is especially important in the winter. Avoid letting your dog eat snow or drink from puddles on the street in the winter. These could all have salt in them.

Tip #3: Buy A Pet Safe Ice Melt

There are some salts that are more safe for pets than others. If you like to use salt on your driveway or sidewalk, it is important to invest in this option. You can keep your pet safe around your home by making sure that you are using pet-friendly ice melt.

Tip #4: Use Socks Or Boots

Socks and boots can be worn by your dogs to prevent their feet from ever being touched by salt. Not every dog will like wearing these, so take some time to test out different product types to find the right fit.

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