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Life through a Cat’s Eyes: How to Create Kitty Heaven


Are you struggling with cat behavior issues such as furniture scratching or a male cat spraying in the house?

These annoying habits are actually normal cat behaviors that happen to be out of place in the home. Indeed, a cat unable to satisfy normal instincts to claw or climb, may even turn his frustration inwards and over-groom or develop bladder problems.

First, a little cat psychology. Imagine being home all day with no TV, radio, internet, or even a book to read. To help the time pass until the next meal you sleep or stare at the walls.

How would you feel? Such is the life of many indoor cats.

Think of what a wildcat gets up to. Scratching fences and spraying to mark territory, climbing trees, hunting and pouncing on supper, to name but a few activities. Sadly, an indoor existence provides scant opportunities for such entertainments, and so her paw turns to mischief.

Try viewing the world through feline eyes. Provide appropriate outlets for these normal cat behaviors, and you will ultimately create kitty heaven!

How to Create a Kitty Heaven


Scratching behavior tones muscles keeps those claws in trim, and leaves scent markers. Provide several sturdy scratch posts, located near the cat’s bed and doorways, and praise her when she uses them


Cats feel safer off the ground and like to watch the world from a height. Place a tall cat tower with multiple platforms beside a window. This allows the cat to relax and watch what’s happening in the neighborhood.


Wildcats choose a different spot in which to pass urine and feces. A house cat faced with a tray full of another cat’s leavings is going to feel stressed, toilet outside the tray or develop bladder problems. Provide plenty of litter trays (One tray per cat, plus one spare) scattered around the house to avoid one cat dominating all the trays.


Cats love to hunt. Rather than putting a meal in a bowl, use a puzzle feeder, so the cat works for her supper. This mimics hunting behavior and is also a great source of mental stimulation.


Cats hide as a coping mechanism when stressed. Simply providing an empty cardboard box in every room will increase your cat’s sense of security.


Be sure to play with the cat every day. Games with ‘wing-on-a-string’ toys allow her to chase and pounce as if hunting prey.

Personal Resources

Cats are not big into sharing, so in a multi-cat household ensure each pet has her own food and water bowls.

Respecting Others

Direct eye contact with a cat is an aggressive show of body language, so respect this and watch your cat from the corner of your eye

And finally, medical problems can also cause behavioral issues, so always see a vet if your cat acts out of character. Offering a 25% discount on vet’s fees, a PetHero subscription gives you peace of mind. Join PetHero today!